Personal injury— damage to mind and body

Personal injury is an injury to mind, body or emotions. It can affect both men and women at any time. The most common types of personal injury can be at home, work and even at holidays. The injury can lead to temporary or permanent disability in the form of deafness, asthma, chronic bronchitis and breathing problems, dermatitis. Most of such diseases can be related to industrial injury resulting due to neglect in and around the work place. Depending on the extent of injury one can file a complaint, and the injured party is entitled to compensation that can be reached through a settlement between the two parties. There are many attorneys that represent clients on a contingent fee basis, in which the attorney’s fees is a percentage of what the injured client is going to get. One can also go through: Personal Injury Attorney Snohomish.

Damages:  Depending on the enormity of the injury, the damages are measurable costs which can be termed as medical expenses. He extent of damage can be measured by the extent of pain, loss of consortium and emotional distress. Personal injury results both in general and special damages. In order for a party to claim damages from the client, there are four things that need to be looked into. Firstly, the client needs to act reasonably due to the circumstances. Secondly, the client breached the duty. Thirdly, the client’s breach of duty did cause harm to the person concerned and fourthly, the client suffered monetary damages due to the harm that occurred in the case of the accident. The amount of compensation will depend on the extent of injury to the client. Broken bones, brain damage and severed limbs come under the category of serious injury. As these injuries cause intense pain, the client can receive a higher amount of settlement. Besides the compensation of injuries the client can also claim for life time effect of the injury, which means that he or she cannot continue his or her normal work in the future. For example, if a cricketer gets injured while playing, then it is called loss of enjoyment of life and needs to be compensated.

Time limitation:  When an individual brings in a claim for compensation, then the court proceedings must commence within three years of the date of the accident. In case the client fails to do this, then he or she will lose the right to bring the claim. However, those who are under the age of eighteen at the time of accident have time to till they reach the age of twenty – one to start proceedings. A court has the right to extend or waive the limitation period if it finds it suitable to do so. One must also know that different injuries have different statutes of limitations. For example, in the case of rape, they often have a much longer statute than other injuries. In the case of a car accident, if the client feels that he or she has back problems, then the statute would start from the time the injury was noticed.

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